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Here you will find systems that we have put together that offer outstanding sound quality at a given budget. Every once in awhile when you combine components the "magic" happens and the combination of the parts is greater than the whole and you get a great sounding system. We match components and speakers using our fifty years of knowledge and experience to bring you systems that perform above the ordinary, in fact you could say extraordinary.

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Custom Matched System #2
Yamaha & B&W Loudspeakers

Recently many of our clients have been asking us for a nice sounding music system that would fit on a bookshelf; so we decided to custom match one.

The Stereo Shop from time to time offers certain extraordinary music systems that as a whole sound greater than the sum of their parts. We are always playing with different component combinations and will find a system that blows us away. It is a synergistic interaction of components working together that just really please the music enthusiast.

This system features the new Yamaha RS-700 100 Watt per channel stereo receiver, the Yamaha CDC-697 five-disc CD Changer, and the Bowers and Wilkins 685 bookshelf loudspeakers.

golden ear triton The Yamaha RS-700 receiver is an amazing receiver; it was inspired from their "Hi-Fi" line of integrated amplifiers, in which they have been regarded as some of the best sounding integrated amplifiers available. Yamaha's engineers paid painstaking attention to not only parts selection; but also they have utilized a symmetrical construction layout with this receiver to unlock the most intimate details of the music. The heavy-duty power supply included with this receiver is designed to reproduce music with full dynamic range, unlike many other models of stereo receivers that employ a smaller power supply. By using a smaller power supply in the amplifier, yamaha rs700 Pix3your music will have a much smaller sound stage, and appear to sound compressed and lifeless. Including only discrete output transistors in the Yamaha RS-700, allows for more current to be delivered, for tight and musical bass with life-like clarity, unlike other companies that install IC's or integrated circuits, which are normally used to save costs, but at the expense of accurate and enjoyable music reproduction. There are plenty of source input selections on the Yamaha RS-700, including an input for your turntable, and even the option of connecting your ipod as well! Yamaha's iPod dock allows you to not only to play your music thru the receiver; but also gives you the ability to fully control your iPod via the receiver's remote, in addition to, keeping the iPod's battery fully charged. The AM/FM tuner section of the Yamaha RS-700 lets all of your favorite radio stations come thru with a sparkle and clarity that other receivers struggle with. There is also the option of installing an optional Sirius radio module and antenna to enjoy satellite reception.

This overachieving stereo receiver offers plenty of flexibility as well, there are speaker A and B connections that not only allow you to either pair of loudspeakers, but also the ability to play BOTH pair of loudspeakers at the same time! Many other receivers will simply turn both pair of speakers off to protect itself due to the lower impedances that the amplifier would receive. Finally, on the Yamaha RS-700, it's striking front aluminum panel and controls provide not only an elegant feel while operating, but also help to shield the receiver from outside electrical interference and noise. Most other companies commonly will use plastic for their front faceplate and controls to keep costs down. The overall fit and finish on this receiver exudes a sense of luxury and refinement, and with a logical and intuitive front panel control layout, makes operating the Yamaha RS-700 a joy to use everyday!

yamaha as-1000To match this beautiful receiver, we selected the Yamaha CDC-697 five-disc changer for its outstanding sonic qualities. The sound of this CD changer should not to be compared to the many other CD changers that are on the market; but should be compared to a great sounding single-disc CD player! It is that good! The sound quality is spectacular, with careful attention to parts quality, by utilizing a special low-impedance power supply for a full and robust musical sound that makes many other CD players appear to sound thin and veiled in comparison. The discs are conveniently placed on a drawer, and allow you to easily change your discs while the unit is in play, all without interrupting the music! Great when you are entertaining! Yamaha's unique drawer mechanism has been proven to be reliable and very easy to use. This is an outstanding CD changer in its own right, and would be an upgrade to any music system!

To compliment the Yamaha receiver and CD changer, we choose to use the Bowers and Wilkins 685 bookshelf loudspeakers which reproduce an incredibly large soundfield and a detailed, smooth midrange, thanks to Bowers and Wilkins patented Kevlar woofer technology. yamaha cd-s70 The high frequencies are reproduced by aluminum dome tweeters; these incredible tweeters are also found in several of their other models, for smooth and detailed high frequencies that never appear to sound neither harsh nor fatiguing. These modest sized bookshelf speakers are available in either a Satin Black or the new Red Cherry finish to compliment virtually any decor or personal taste. The smallest of details were not overlooked with the design of this loudspeaker; they have placed the port on the front of the cabinet to allow you to place your 685 snug against the wall on your bookshelf to ensure the tightest and most accurate bass response. And like all of the Bowers and Wilkins loudspeakers, the 685 include ultra-high quality five way speaker cable binding posts, as well as, the option to "bi-wire" your loudspeakers for the ultimate sound quality possible.

When we started demonstrating this system to our clients, they could not believe how exceptional this system sounded! The beautiful music emanating thru the Bowers and Wilkins loudspeakers were superbly rich and full bodied, with the ability to reveal the hidden textures and unlock even the most intimate details. They certainly did not appear to sound like a modest-sized bookshelf loudspeaker at all!

Satisfied with the performance of this superb sounding system, we thought, how about if someone wanted floor-standing loudspeakers and not a bookshelf speaker? So it made perfect sense to connect this wonderful sounding Yamaha receiver to the Bowers & Wilkins largest floor standing loudspeaker in their 600 Series lineup, the model 683. The Bowers & Wilkins 683 are a powerful, three-way loudspeaker that excels with every type of music, from classical, to the most powerful and dynamic rock n' roll, this speaker will have you grinning from ear to ear rediscovering all of your favorite recordings.

This beautiful, slender designed floor standing loudspeaker bw 683 Pixnow includes their famous FST midrange driver, which until recently, were only featured in their flagship 800 series. The FST driver is made from a specially woven Kevlar, where the engineer's at Bowers and Wilkins have discovered that it's the perfect material for developing a natural sounding midrange driver. The midrange of the frequency spectrum is the most critical of the loudspeaker because that is where the majority of the musical instruments and vocals are reproduced. The imaging and soundstaging are just fabulous, and the level of detail and clarity with this loudspeaker will leave you breathless! The dual 6.5 inch woofers found in the 683 are a totally new design made for this loudspeaker. It is created from a special blend of paper and Kevlar bonded to an aluminum front "skin", for a shockingly deep and tight bass response that you can feel!

These loudspeakers match beautifully with this musical sounding Yamaha stereo receiver, they are a natural upgrade for anyone desiring larger floor standing loudspeakers in a larger listening environment.

The new Yamaha stereo receiver and five-disc CD changer with the Bowers & Wilkins 685 bookshelf loudspeakers well under $1,500 for the entire system; it is a bargain for its outstanding musical performance! This is a system that will bring you enjoyment for many years to come! However, if you desire a larger loudspeaker, the Bowers & Wilkins 683 floor standing loudspeakers, will bring you to a "sonic nirvana!"

System Price
$1,395 with Bowers & Wilkins 685 Loudspeakers
$2,250 with Bowers & Wilkins 683 Loudspeakers

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